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Congratulations to the GO BLUE students of December! This month, eight students were selected by their teachers as GO BLUE students. Nominated students were recognized for the exceptional examples they provide as model students, especially during this challenging time with Distance Learning. Below are what they had to say about being chosen.


Arika Berrier, who was nominated by Mrs. Carrie Lujan, says it was a surprise to be recognized as a student of the month. She believes she was nominated because she is “good at communicating, participating in class despite it being way different this year, and working hard.” Ms. Lujan says “WA-Hi is so lucky to have a student like you!”

Kai Lincoln’s nominator, Mr. Sergio Reyes, says “What stands out about him is his professionalism. He is always the first to log on to Zoom, is ready for daily lessons and always turns work in on time.” I love and appreciate his contributions to discussions and his point of view on topics and the fact that he speaks Spanish 100% of the time in class”, continues Reyes.


Anyla McDonald “leads by example, consistently showing up to class, answering direct or general questions, and completing her assignments on time,” says her nominator, Mr. Thomas Beebe. He continues, “Anyla excels in education by advocating for herself. She is persistent, not giving up on a problem until she understands it. She is always respectful and gives honest feedback to staff and peers.”

“Diego Montalvo is a quiet kid who packs a great punch”, says Mr. Sergio Reyes. He continues, “Academically he is an ace and takes pride in his work, assessments, and performance. What I really like about him is the way he treats his teachers and peers. He is one of the most polite and respectful students you will ever meet.” Diego says, “What sets me apart from my peers is that I do my homework and turn it in, I email me teachers or join their Zoom calls in the afternoon for help and I am a hard worker in all my classes.”


Luke Bona “is the first to arrive to class and often stays after a bit to clarify assignment responsibilities”, according to Mr. Thomas Beebe. “He is easy going yet a tireless worker. He is helpful and responsive to other students in the class.” Beebe says, “He also laughs at my jokes, which should not be held against him.”

Roberto Rodriguez is honored to be student of the month. He says “It feels really great to see that someone is able to see my hard work! Just pushing forward and accomplishing more than what is necessary. Doing more work than required always benefits in the future” and sets him apart from his peers. His nominator, Mr. Melito Ramirez says “Roberto has been a true leader, with his continued effort providing and maintaining student connections through the Latino Club. He is a perfect example of our school district vision and I am extremely proud of him.”


Perla Olmos-Alfaro has been a true leader with her continued effort providing and maintaining student connections through the Latino Club. According to Mr. Melito Ramirez, “Perla has continued to participate in the LEAP Ambassador program and YEOC through our COVID-19 shutdown and using her leadership skills to continue to serve our student population through our WA-Hi Latino Club.”

Sam Tacheny had two nominators this month, Mrs. Kim Cassetto and Mrs. Mary Burt. According to Mrs. Cassetto, “Sam continues to impress her with his comprehensive leadership and desire to engage his peers. It is such a joy to have his enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to making WA-Hi an inclusive school.” Sam says he is passionate about the things he does which manifests into ‘going the extra mile’, constantly being curious and asking questions, putting in extra time and hard work.” He continues, “Lucky for me, it isn’t hard to be passionate when I am surrounded by the great educators and mentors at WA-Hi.”

Congratulations to all the students who were nominated this month. You can find a complete list of students who were nominated here.