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SchoolSafely Reopening Schools: 2020-21 Information  |  Reopening Stage: Green
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Before the Holiday Break, the Acting Ensemble presented three two-person, one act plays made for Zoom. As the normal stage performance was out the window, everyone learned new acting techniques for the camera.

Students worked in class during fall semester to prepare for this production. Then family and friends were invited to the show. The plays were written for zoom with students who were experiencing distance learning in mind. After the show, the students participated in a Q&A about what it was like to rehearse and perform over zoom.

Sofia Arias, co-director with Mr. Beebe, hosted the event. Gerardo Soto, Campbell Bowes, Skye Melton, Hannah Hughes, Liz Reinecke, and Ella Strickler gave wonderful performances which will be available in the Wa-Hi Library drama archives.