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SchoolSafely Reopening Schools: 2020-21 Information  |  Reopening Stage: Green
Equity Outreach Hotline: (509) 526-6787   |   Special Education/504 Hotline: (509) 526-6770   |   Hotline hours: Mon-Fri - 8am-5pm


Wa-Hi E-Sports and ASB are co-sponsoring a school-wide Among Us event NEXT FRIDAY AFTER SCHOOL - 1/22/2021 (3:15-5:00)!

One and only chance to be a part of this life changing experience...
Students sign up:https://wahi.link/amongus
(we will pre-plan the matches so please be flexible this could change the day of)\

We will have a short zoom meeting before the event. We will broadcast the event on Twitch and after the event students can watch the broadcast on the Wake Up Wa-Hi YouTube Channel.

ASB is Co-Sponsoring the event which means we have epic prizes too! There will be a voting session at the end of each match and by the end of the day the students with the most votes in each division will win epic gear!
Sign up now space is limited, sign up asap!