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Congratulations to the GO BLUE students of November! This month, eight students were selected by their teachers as GO BLUE students. Nominated students were recognized for the exceptional examples they provide as model students, especially during this challenging time with Distance Learning. Below are what they had to say about being chosen.


Lexington Knauft “communicates with me when she has questions and she turns in excellent quality work”, says Mrs. Peggy Payne. “I appreciate Lexi’s ability to advocate for herself because it shows courage and confidence. It indirectly helps the entire class because they have the same questions.”

Kasey Wegner was nominated by Mrs. Peggy Payne. “Kasey is a ray of sunshine in my class which is always appreciated’, according to Payne.  However, “she is equally radiant in intelligence and work ethic. Kasey is a great example for other students.” Kasey said, “It feels amazing to be recognized. I participate in class and do well. I also try to answer Mrs. Payne’s questions and help remind her to screen share. “ 


Kenneth Beltran has a “vibrant personality”, says nominator, Mrs. Kristen Wegner.  “He is willing to participate during Zoom class and provides us with comedic relief! I’m so glad he is in my class this year”, says Wegner. He was also nominated by Mr. Mike Locati, who reminds him, “Habits don’t change overnight, keep at it and it will pay off.”

Noah Bruce, who was nominated by Mr. Refugio Reyes, “has been one of my top students in Spanish for Spanish Speakers class all year long even though he is not a native Spanish Speaker.” “Noah chose to take this class to improve his Spanish skills and learn more culture and he has been thriving”, Reyes continued. “Gracias Noah por siempre ser tan respetuoso, trabajador y profesional en todo lo que haces! Eres mi nominado para el estudiante del mes por el mes de noviembre.”


Jadynce Beamer has a strong work ethic, according to nominator, Mrs. Sarah Foster. “She has worked so hard in psychology class. She participates in class by keeping her camera on and using the chat functions. She also provides interesting and thought-provoking responses on her work. She is a joy to have in class!”

Evelyn Sisk believes she was nominated for her hard work and determination. She says “I showed my teachers that I really care about my future and my grades.” She is a “rock star”, according to Mrs. Peggy Payne. She worked hard to bring her grade up, buckled down, turned in all of her missing work and the quality of work has been excellent. “I am so proud of her”, says Payne. Evelyn noted, “All my peers have the resources and the brain to be student of the month, it’s just a matter of determination and mental strength.”


Daniel Williams had two nominators, Mr. Dave Larson and Mrs. Kristen Wegner. “Daniel is respectful to peers and adults. He has very good attendance, has his camera on, and is ready to participate in our class discussions”, says Larson. Wegner adds, “I love having Daniel in my class! He always has his camera on and will always talk to me or the other students in the class. His cheery disposition sure makes a difference in my day!”

Neliah Williams, who was nominated by Mrs. Peggy Payne, is an excellent student. “Her professionalism is high. Neliah is dependable; I can count on her to turn in all of her work on time and show evidence of 100% engagement in the class and with the material.” Payne goes on to say, “I have other Running Start students in the class who use Running Start as the excuse for being behind, but not Neliah. Shout out to Neliah. She gets the job done and she does it so well!.”


Congratulations to all the students who were nominated this month. You can find a complete list of students who were nominated here.