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Congratulations to the GO BLUE students of September! This month, eight students were selected by their teachers as GO BLUE students. Nominated students were recognized for the exceptional examples they provide as model students, especially during this challenging time with Distance Learning. Below are what they believe are the reasons they were chosen.

Kaitlyn Flinders was nominated by Mrs. Pemberton who says, " Even with distance learning she hasn't let that stop her from doing her best from asking questions and being a positive role model, she keeps her camera on with a smile. "

Hayden Hughes believes Mrs. Millett nominated him. "He is a leader in class, he's really understanding, and he epitomizes excellence. He uses both the synchronous morning time and the asynchronous time afterwards to get help with many assignments. " She also said " He's got a very infectious positive attitude even when he finds something that might be a little bit difficult. I really appreciate having him in class. " Hayden was surprised as he just moved her from North Carolina.

Antonio Corona guessed Ms. Korslund as his nominator: " He's so committed to maintaining regular communication with staff. He's working very hard to get assignments turned in on time, and he's passing all his classes. I'm so proud because he told me he set a goal for himself to be more independent, and working hard to get good grades this year. " "It was a surprise, I wasn't really expecting it,” says Antonio.

Clayton Johnson guessed Mrs. Payne who says “He’s o n time, engaged, and does a great job on assignments. He provides feedback to me when glitches occur during distance learning. He does it in a polite, considerate way, and I really appreciate this. I really see a genuine interest to learn, even over Zoom. What a great student. " Clayton said, "It caught me by surprise ... and I'm thankful you guys put this on to encourage more students."

Jalen Alvarado Bouchey believes Ms. Ceron nominated him. She said " Jalen, talk about Mr. positive attitude everyday, he's very helpful, he is stand up on his schoolwork. He's really good at advocating for himself. And you continue everyday to be a positive role model for all the students in the class. " Jalen is really “proud of what I have accomplished and cannot wait to get back into school and do more work."

Tanner Corn guessed Mr. Eggers as the teacher who nominated him. " Tanner has done just a great job all year long pursuing success and education even during trying times. Not only is he in class everyday but he comes to office hours to ask for help and complete any and all work! " said Mr. Eggers.

"I'm surprised and happy, out of the three or four nominations I've had last year I'm kinda surprised that this year is the year that I finally get to get students of the month."

Caitlin Carvalho guessed Mrs. Tucker as the teacher who nominated her for student of the month. Mrs. Tucker said, " You are just awesome, you are everyday your awesome self! I appreciate having you in (class). " Another staff member, Mrs. Luhan said "It was just awesome to hear about your accomplishments and your interests in highschool and beyond ... any college would be lucky to have you! " Caitlin says "I feel very thankful and Madam Tucker is like my biggest supporter.”

Joseph Terry was nominated by Mrs. Wagner who says he makes zoom calls " a little bit more bearable. " And that he represents a great example as a positive student who contributes to Zoom calls. Joe says "I feel happy about it, and uh, just excited to get back to school in person.”

You can find the link for a list of all nominees here.

Written by Katherine Wilson
Wa-Hi Journal Staff Writer