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Orchestra students performed their first-and-only concert this year on Wednesday, June 2 at 7:00 PM in the Wa-Hi Auditorium.

In addition to celebrating the return of live music, The 2020-21 award winners were recognized & the orchestra seniors were honored.

 Seniors: (pictured)

Reid Tyler, violin
Lucien Petit, cello
Eriel Cruz, violin  
Haeli Johnson, double bass
Guiovana Avalos, viola  

2021 Awards

Outstanding Musician: Eriel Cruz
Arion Award: Guiovana Avalos
Wa-Hi MVP Orchestra Award: Lucien Petit
Given to a senior who is chosen by members of the ensemble in recognition of his/her valuable contributions to the orchestra.
National School Orchestra Award: Reid Tyler
Given to one senior, this award is a counterpart to the National Sousa Band Award and is the highest honor you can bestow upon a member of the high school orchestra to recognize excellence in playing and contributions to the ensemble.
Director’s Award: Haeli Johnson
Tutti Award: Lucien Petit
New award, in recognition of a student’s efforts to include “all” in orchestra and to ensure all voices are heard & represented.

Orchestra Letters:
Luke Bona, cello
Sophia Jenes, violin
Abigail Lopez, violin
Anna Milligan, cello
Natalie Scheidemann, cello
Ethan Harris, cello
Claire Dorland, cello
Leo Waggoner, double bass