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SchoolSafely Reopening Schools: 2020-21 Information
Equity Outreach Hotline: (509) 526-6787   |   Special Education/504 Hotline: (509) 526-6770   |   Hotline hours: Mon-Fri - 8am-7pm


Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

What is the purpose of PBIS?

The purpose of PBIS is to create a school & classroom environment where students & staff are safe, happy, and able to learn and teach to the best of their ability. PBIS supports a tiered approach to intervention and believes that every student is unique and should receive attention based on their needs and strengths.

One example of how students are recognized for their strengths is Wa-Hi’s school-wide student recognition called Go BLUE (or school-wide expectations for behavior and academic involvement). Each month teachers select students based on their demonstration of WaHi’s Go BLUE, which is an acronym for:


B Building positive connections

L Leaders with skills for success

U Understanding ourselves and others

E Excellence in education

Postcards describing the student’s success are created with copies presented to the student and to the parents. One student from each grade is selected as Student of the Month and honored with a picture on the WaHi website, a certificate of achievement, and a USB drive to assist with their academic endeavors.