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GO BLUE May students announced

Photo by Rachelle Binder Photo by Rachelle Binder

Our GO BLUE students for the month of May were chosen for their academic achievements and positive attitudes. These students are Brady Kinney, Olivia Taylor, Sabryna Horton, Renee Kelly, Lacey Owens, Ellie Rothstrom, Josh Bergevin, Lizbeth Espana Lopez and Cade Kennedy. We asked these role-model students what they think sets them apart from their classmates.

Freshman Brady Kinney was nominated by Peggy Payne. “I do not let distractions get to me,” Kinney said. Freshman Olivia Taylor was also nominated by Peggy Payne. “I work hard in all of my classes,” Taylor said.

Sophomore Sabryna Horton was nominated by Vivian Glaeser. “I help out my peers by explaining things in my own words,” Horton said. Sophomore Renee Kelly was nominated by Julie Woods. “I have made developments in my leadership skills,” Kelly said.

Junior Lacey Owens was nominated by Kristen Glaeser. “I’m always eager to help and I am passionate about drama,” Owens said. Junior Ellie Rothstrom was nominated by Pam Jacobson. “I just have a lot of passion for school,” Rothstrom said.

Senior Josh Bergevin was nominated by Linda Schaub and Patty Jones. “I'm always smiling and have a positive attitude,” Bergevin said. Senior Cade Kennedy was nominated by both Jennifer Butenhoff and Patty Jones. “I am unique and care about people,” Kennedy said. Senior Lizbeth Espana Lopez was nominated by both Jennifer Butenhoff and Faydale Curtice. “I just really enjoy school,” Lopez said.

As the school year comes to an end, we wish the seniors the best on their endeavors, and we cannot wait to see everyone else next school year.

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