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GO BLUE April students announced

Photo by Rachelle Binder Photo by Rachelle Binder

Our GO BLUE students for the month of April were chosen for their tendencies to go above and beyond in the classroom.

These students are Dane Gomsrud, Grady Lemma, Haleigh Fullen, Trey Campbell, Alexis De La Torre, Paulina Ochoa, Seamus Duffy, Lily Clancy and Jordan Calhoun. We asked these exceptional students what they think sets them apart from their classmates.

Freshman Grady Lemma was nominated by Vivian Glaeser. “I am kind and helpful to other students,” Lemma said. Freshman Dane Gomsrud was also nominated by Vivian Glaeser. “I always pay attention, and I am also a very outspoken person,” Gomsrud said.  

Sophomore Haleigh Fullen was nominated by Cheryl Peters. “I am a T.A. for Ms. Peters, and I just relate to all of the students,” Fullen said.

Junior Alexis De la Torre was nominated by Faydale Curtice. “I am a hard worker, and I always help people better themselves,” De La Torre said.  Junior Trey Campbell was also nominated by Faydale Curtice. “I try to work hard to the best of my ability and I have a creative personality,” Campbell said. Junior Paulina Ochoa was not present for interviews, but also received a GO BLUE Student of the Month award.

Senior Lily Clancy was nominated by Carrie Lujan. “I have a strong initiative and a plan for after high school,” Clancy said. Senior Seamus Duffy was nominated by Chris Ferenz. “I honestly just really care about my schoolwork,” Duffy Said. Senior Jordan Calhoun was nominated by Kristen Glaeser for her work in the musical. “I laugh and I always learn from my mistakes,” Calhoun said.

Finish strong Blue Devils!

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