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Finals schedule causes grief

Photo by Macy Quinn-Sears Photo by Macy Quinn-Sears

To any student who has experienced semester finals at Wa-Hi, you may find this semester’s finals-schedule a little puzzling.

Although the schedule has remained fairly stoic for the last three years, it underwent a severe alteration this year due to changes in education legislature, and will span only two days, opposed to the regular three.

In previous years, students have only had to take two finals in one day, depending on the number of classes they were taking in total, and students were released from classes often before noon. Many students’ initial reaction may be to groan, complain and demand an explanation for this upheaval; thankfully, Principal Ron Higgins is happy to provide answers.

“This [schedule] amounted to a student being in school for approximately three hours,” said Principal Higgins. According to past Washington State education standards, this used to count as half a day of school.

However, the Washington’s basic education requirements were recently adjusted to increase the minimum instructional hour offerings.As a result, Wa-Hi’s calendar had to be altered and previously-relaxed finals schedule had to be compressed.

“By moving from a three-day semester finals schedule to a two-day semester finals schedule, we were able to meet the state requirements for our instructional hours without making any changes to the length of all of our other "regular" school days at Wa-Hi,” said Higgins. In this respect, students may concede a ‘thank-you.’

Regardless of its justification, this year’s schedule means less time for sleeping-in before finals, due to the 7:30 a.m. start on Jan 25, and less time studying due to the 2 p.m. release-time on both days, which will no-doubt be a cause for stress in the coming week. The Wa-Hi Journal advises students to use this weekend to their academic-advantage and study hard!

The schedule itself can be found on the Wa-Hi homepage.

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