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GO BLUE November students announced

Photo by Rachael Gonzalez Photo by Rachael Gonzalez

Our GO BLUE students for the month of November are Jose Mendoza, Zander Norris, Emily Soto-Perez, Bianca Stober, Nancy Aguirre, Mackenzie Davis, Estrella Esparza and Braden Hisaw.

They were recognized for their daily hard work and perseverance.

Sophomore Bianca Stober was nominated by Arch Mchie. We asked Stober what her favorite part about Wa-Hi is. “I’d say the academics, and some of the electives are really great,” Stober said. Freshman Mackenzie Davis was nominated by Kristen Wegner, and we also asked her to share her favorite thing about Wa-Hi. “I really like how social you can be. You can talk to so many different people, and I think it’s really cool,” Davis said.

Junior Nancy Aguirre was nominated by Kathleen Tiffany. We asked her what advice she would give to someone who is struggling in school. “Just keep pushing on, keep striving for more and don’t give up,” Aguirre said. Senior Estrella Esparza was nominated by Dave Larson, and she also had some positive words for students feeling discouraged. “Just keep trying, because it’ll get better and it’s not the end of the world,” Esparza said.

Senior Zander Norris was nominated by Kerri Tucker. Norris is involved in many clubs and sports at Wa-Hi, including Sources of Strength, Link Crew and the National Honor Society, as well as baseball and swim team.

Freshman Braden Hisaw was nominated by Kathleen Tiffany and Aaron Martin. Hisaw said that, if he could have any teacher for the rest of high school, it’d be his dad, Eric Hisaw. Sophomore Emily Soto-Perez was nominated by Laura Bertinelli, and says that it’s a tie for her favorite teacher, between Mr. Adams and Ms. Bertinelli.

Junior Jose Mendoza was nominated by Keith Michels. We asked him if he knows the Wa-Hi fight song by heart. “No I don’t, but I know bits and pieces of it,” Mendoza said.

Congratulations to these hard-working Wa-Hi students. You can find the full list of the Novemeber GO BLUE nominees here.


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