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GO BLUE October students announced

Photo by Rachael Gonzalez Photo by Rachael Gonzalez

The GO BLUE Students of the Month are nominated and selected based on their hard work and motivation in and out of the classroom, and October’s nominees are exemplars of these outstanding qualities.

Madelyn Boualapha, Mathena Fry, Maya Betzler, Avery Hag, Alaina Tucker, Sebastian Holt, Abigail Payne and David Savage were all chosen as GO BLUE students for the month of October. Vivian Glaeser was also nominated as a GO BLUE teacher of the month.

Sophomore Avery Hag was nominated by Glaeser, and we asked him about his favourite part of Wa-Hi. “Options! You can take the classes you want at the difficulty you want, and you can take the electives that you want,” Hag said. Junior Sebastian Holt was nominated by Keith Michels, and he also said that he loves to variety of classes to choose from.

Senior David Savage was nominated by Kristen Wegner. We asked him to share some advice for anyone who’s struggling in school. “I would say, power through it, because it will get better eventually,” Savage said.

Junior Alaina Tucker was nominated by Alyssa Moreno, and we asked her about her favorite part of Wa-Hi. “The hot lunches have gotten better since my freshman year,” Tucker said.

Sophomore Maya Betzler was nominated by Kim Cassetto, and we asked her what clubs or sports she’s involved in on campus. “I play soccer, but I haven't joined any clubs yet because I've been too busy,” Betzler said.

Freshman Madelyn Boualapha was also nominated by Alyssa Moreno, and we asked her about the sports she plays at Wa-Hi. “I've been on the swim team, and I'm now a basketball manager,” Boualapha said.


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