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Entrepreneurship class places in competition

Entrepreneurship class places in competition

Students from Wa-Hi’s Entrepreneurship class, taught by Gay Buissink, placed 13th as a team in the H&R Block Budget Challenge after a twelve-week competition period.

The competition required students to put their knowledge of personal finance to use; they practiced money management skills such as paying bills, managing expenses, saving and investing money, and handling unexpected financial pitfalls.

This was the second year that Entrepreneurship students have competed in the challenge. According to students in the class, the competition yielded valuable real-world experience. “The H&R Block Budget Challenge helped me feel more confident about investing and managing money and budgets,” said one anonymous student.


Additionally, students who finished the simulation ranked individually earned a Certificate of Achievement for their accomplishment. Eleven Wa-Hi students achieved an individual ranking, from a pool of 27,257 total students in the competition.

Bri Stonebraker was ranked 58th
Collin Gabriel was ranked 93rd
Milan Mumm was ranked 142nd
Brandon Wetter was ranked 325th
Ashleigh Anderson was ranked 465th
Austin Maiuri was ranked 483rd
Mckinley Hudiburg was ranked 551st
Andrew Hernandez was ranked 622nd
Noe Diaz was ranked 643rd
Zac Moore was ranked 652nd
Viviana Saldana was ranked 772nd

Students’ ranking in the simulation was also used to determine their real-world readiness score. The top five real-world scores were awarded a $20,000 scholarship. Senior Bri Stonebraker, who placed 58th in the simulation, placed 21st in the real-world ready rankings out of 101,174 students. Freshman Collin Gabriel placed 53rd.


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