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2017-18 class officer platforms released

2017-18 class officer platforms released
The candidate platforms and speeches for the 2017-2018 class officers have been released.
The candidates and their platforms can be found below:

Sophomore class candidates:
President: Cannon Angotti and Reese Fewell
Vice President: Megan Harvey
Secretary: Jordyn Thrall
Treasurer: Nels Gregoire

Junior class candidates:
President: Alexis Barreras
Vice President: Claire Clark
Secretary: Max Titus
Treasurer: Lacey Owens
Senior class candidates:
President: Brianna Beuck and Emily Dimino
Vice President: Henry Farnum and Kyle Martin
Secretary: Campbell Schulke
Treasurer: Lauren Hoe
Online voting for class officers will start on March 27 and run through March 31. A voting link will be available on the Wa-Hi website.
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