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Wa-Hi’s Annual College and Career Fair!

Representatives from colleges/careers all over Washington State will be here to inform the Wa-Hi student body about different college/career options outside of high school. Colleges like Eastern Washington, Whitman, and Walla Walla Community College will be at their booths ready to answer your burning questions about a college and career that interests you.


Colleges Participating-                    Careers Participating-

Pacific Lutheran University                    Columbia REA

Washington State University                    Key Technology inc.

Walla Walla Community College                Park Manor

Whitworth University                        Providence St Mary Medical Center

Whitman University                        Veterans Administration Hospital

Corban University                        Washington Odd Fellows Home

Eastern Washington University                Walla Walla Electric

Central Washington University                OIC of Washington

Columbia Basin College                    Express Employment Professionals

John Deere Tech                        City of Walla Walla Fire Dept

WWCC - Health Science                    Washington State Penitentiary

Cascades Job Corps College & Career Academy      WorkSource

Eastern Oregon University                    Hampton Inn & Suites by HILTON

Lewis-Clark State College                    Walla Walla Public Schools

Portland State University                    Walla Walla Police Department   

University of Washington                    City of Walla Walla Parks and Rec

Walla Walla Community College -                 Pacific Power

Water & Environmental                 Blue Mountain Community Found.

Western Washington University                Washington Army National Guard

Washington State University -                 US Army

College of Agricultural, Human &

    Natural Resource Sciences

Willamette University   

Gather 4 Him Christian College

WSU Pullman               

Perry Technical Institute           

SEA Tech                                                   


    The College and Career fair takes place on Friday, October 19, in the large gym during all Math classes.


Band students earn WIBC honors

Wa-Hi would love to congratulate and recognize the following Blue Devils! Their hard work and true talent lead them to be selected by MP3 audition to the 2018 Western International Band Clinic this November. WIBC is an honor band festival alike to an All-State honor group event, just without the choir and orchestra. It consists of 4 bands all of which contain 165 students from states in the northwest.


Darby Clark playing the clarinet.

Keeli McKern playing the clarinet.

Olivier Nicault playing the alto saxophone.

Tommy Kaminsky playing the flute.

Ezekiel Thompson playing the tuba.


Congratulations Wa-Hi Band students!


Homecoming Court Announced

Ladies, gentleman, everybody…...the Homecoming Princes and Princesses have hereby been declared. They were announced in our Homecoming assembly on Monday, October 8. They consist of the following:


                                         Princes         (paired with)         Princesses


                                      Brandon Ponce Madi Knight

                                      Leo Sweeny    Ellie Sievertson

                                      Keldan Swant    Claire Clark

                                      Ryland Hopkins   Kami Philavanh

                                      Peter Hoffman    Ellie Calvert


  The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the football game on Friday, October 12. The game will start at 7 PM at Borleske Stadium. King and Queen will be announced at half-time. Come on out and support your BLUE DEVILS!


Big Blue Weekend Cancelled

  Wa-Hi Journal is regretful to inform you that Big Blue Weekend (Oct. 19-21, 2018) has been cancelled. To put it simply, not enough Wa-Hi students signed up to make BBW happen.

Our principal, Ron Higgins, says, “ We had a difficult decision to make regarding BBW. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, registration numbers were low (a little more than half of last year's numbers) so we are cancelling Big Blue Weekend for October 19-21. We will be refunding money to those who already paid.  We will be planning a different opportunity for this winter and will provide you with details soon.”

Although BBW was cancelled, look forward to the different opportunity coming this winter!



Homecoming 2018

When you were younger did you dream about what high school would be like? A High School Musical meets perfect date utopia? Somewhere along those lines is Homecoming. A dance in which you could only dream of. By definition, Homecoming means;  /hōmˌkəmiNG/ (noun)  1. an instance of returning home. Now, a more precise definition may be; a weekend in which high school alumni come to see a home football game, and proceed to a formal dance afterwards.


This year, the game takes place on Friday, October 12 and the dance on Saturday, October 13.  Be sure sure to dress up! Tickets are available in the ASB office. One ticket is $15. And if you don't have a date, don’t sweat it! Go with some friends!


Homecoming is not only football and a dance; the whole entire week is filled with fun activities. For example, Spirit Week takes place. Spirit Week is a week dedicated to showing your school spirit by dressing up for  the corresponding theme. The following is a description of each day.


  • Monday, Oct. 8:  Dress in your class colors. Freshman wear purple, Sophomore wear yellow, Juniors wear green, and Seniors wear red.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 9: Twin day!  Totally Twin with your friends on Tuesday!
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10: Meme/ Vine day. Dress up as your favorite Meme or Vine! Meme/ Vine day ahead? Uh...Yeah I sure hope it is.

    Along with these entertaining Spirit Days, Buff Puff and Powder Puff both take place.  A ticket is $5 without an ASB card for both games. Buff Puff is an event in which guys, typically football players, play a game of volleyball in the Wa-Hi big gym. This takes place on Monday, October 8. On the other hand, Powder Puff is vise versa, the girls play football. This takes place on Wednesday, October 10 at the Borleske Stadiums next to the Memorial Pool.


Be sure to participate in these wonderful events and show your school spirit!


Big Blue What?... Weekend!

Ah yes! Time has rolled around and Big Blue Weekend is inching closer. This event may sound familiar thanks to the eager students and staff of Walla Walla high school. We’d love to elucidate you on how entertaining and exhilarating the phenomenon is, but we have decided to let the experienced Wa-Hi Blue Devils let you in on the truth.

Big Blue Weekend is an event in the fall that focuses on students and staff bonding with each other, making new friends, and having a great time. Camp MiVoden, at Hayden Lake, Idaho, is where you can find yourself during BBW. Don’t forget to mark your calendar, or phone more like for October 19th through the 21st!

To illustrate what your pleasure trip may look like, here are a few activities that have or will take place. Esther Dutton, our assistant secretary, apprised us that in the past some boat and pony rides were a favorite among students and staff. She hinted at a challenge course, similar to the one on the hit television show “American Ninja Warrior” is in store for you this year. But it doesn’t end there. Beach volleyball, swimming, music and free-time are included. You will indulge in team tasks and “icebreakers” to get to know the people around you. If relaxing is your thing, you’re welcome to bring a hammock and hang out.

    This occasion was brought about several years ago. Why was this started you ask? Well, Assistant Principal, Mindy Meyers divulged that, “Big Blue Weekend was an idea that started in favor of building friendships with people you don't know “. She even added on to say staff members become closer to each other as well as students. BBW affects Wa-Hi immensely. But it doesn’t stop there, it affects the whole community.

Big Blue Weekend is more than just games and bonding. Friendships and connections made during the weekend could last an entire lifetime. Leslie Snyder, an involved parent, didn’t hesitate to take it a little further. “It’s not only about forming those friendships, but keeping them. Realizing that people can recognize when you’re not okay. It’s saying I see you. You are not invisible.” She elaborates and says she has seen BBW change lives of not only students, but this entire community. And even save those lives. All it takes is acknowledging that a friend or person you met is “Not as different from you as you think.” as Meyers puts it. This weekend turned into an environment where students can connect and feel when their friend is not okay. And finally doing something about it to prevent harm before it begins.

    Now you may be asking yourself; Am I eligible? How do I sign up? How many students are going? All students are welcome with 200 students being able to go. Sign up now on Family ID by going to Wa-Hi’s website and clicking the link under Big Blue Weekend. Or, you can go into the front office and ask to sign up there as well. Spots fill fast so if you’re interested sign up soon!  The initial cost is $110 dollars but scholarships are available in the front office with Esther Dutton.

    Being able to indulge into a enjoyable, sociable, and relaxing time is a true pleasure; especially in a place that nature truly touched. You should take advantage of it while it’s there and take a break from school bells and homework to have an utterly enjoyable weekend. Big Blue Weekend will not only be an escape, but also a highschool experience you will never forget.  


Saving Grades and Taking A’s

Yes, this is what you’ve all been waiting for, a chance to get those grades up and homework finished. Starting next week on Tuesday, September 18, is the Blue Devil Flex Period; 30 minutes of time set aside to get help from teachers, work on your homework and catch up on those missing assignments.

    The Blue Devil Flex Period is every Tuesday and Thursday. That’s right, two days of class time to get help, that’s one hour less of your free time you have to use.

    If your not asked by a teacher to come to their class you can sign up for a classes or see what their offering @wahi.flexisched.net or you can stay in your 3rd period class. You must be in a class during this time as it is still considered class time. Keep in mind this is for your benefit so I suggest using this time wisely, as this program was made to give students a chance to get help from our expert teachers.




   A modernized Wa-Hi production of the classic Shakespeare play, Hamlet!

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is faced with many troubling realities after the sudden death of his father. Now he deals with untrusty friends, the recent marriage of his mother, a country in political turmoil, and shocking news involving his father's death. This is a story of internal conflict and revenge. A must see for all Wa-Hi students!


A Word From the Director


Kristin Glaeser, teacher in all things theater, says, “I feel that high school students need an opportunity at least once in their high school career to both see and participate in a Shakespeare play.  His work is classic and is studied from middle school all the way through graduate and doctorate studies. Attacking the work head on at this age can make it both approachable and enjoyable. I specifically chose Hamlet because it's one of Shakespeare's best plays (if not THE best) and has great teenage parts.  We are bringing it into the modern age (2018 setting) and adding a rock flair to it. We will have an original score played by Wa-Hi students. It's going to be a really awesome production.”


The show dates are November 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 at 7pm and November 10 & 17 at 2pm. Tickets go on sale in October. Hope to see you there Wa-Hi!


The Cast is…

Hamlet - Ryland Hopkins        Claudius - Harmon Rambo

Gertrude - Daisy Moore            Polonius - Matt Reser

Horatio - Jacob Pribilsky            Ophelia - Raegan Figgins

Laertes - Collin Gabriel            Fortinbras - Drew Hollopeter

The Ghost - Isaac Swanson        Rosencrantz - Caroline Blethen

Guildenstern - Mary Bella Betts       Osric - McKenzie Bayne

Voltimand - Keeley Hall            Cornelius - Kaeldra Caton

Marcellus - Hailee Rutherford        Bernardo - Lucien Petit

Francisco - Luke Bona            Grave Digger - Jacob Rose

Other Grave Digger - Ashley Hanshew    English Ambassador - Mandee Loney

Captain - Caitlyn Rolfe            Player Troupe- Anthony Swanson (King)

Carolyn Schmode (First)            Sydney Weston (Queen)

Keenan Wylie (Lucianis)            Taylor Kontos (Mute)


Back to School Luau

Bring your leis and get ready to boogie because the school’s annual Luau is fast approaching. Students of all grades are invited on Saturday, September 15 to join their peers in the Academic Courtyard from 8pm to 11pm for loads of dancing. All in all to celebrate the return to school, but perhaps to also remember the ending summer. The tickets are $3 per person and they must be purchased in the ASB office but you have to buy them prior to the dance. No tickets will be available at the Luau.


Local businesses target of high school sports poster advertising solicitations from out of area company

Local businesses target of high school sports poster advertising solicitations from out of area company

WALLA WALLA – Walla Walla Public Schools has been notified local businesses are being contacted by Sports Media of Omaha, NE regarding advertising solicitations for Walla Walla High School sports poster schedules. Walla Walla Public Schools does not have any affiliation with Sports Media or endorse these posters. The purchase of these ads does not benefit the Walla Walla High School Athletic program. Walla Walla Public Schools encourages local businesses to contact the Walla Walla High School Big Blue Boosters to learn about opportunities available to support local Walla Walla High School athletics.

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