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Womens Athletic Reunion Gives Back

Womens Athletic Reunion Gives Back

Here is what Connie Schmidt (Ballard) '74 had to say:


"This event was started 4 years ago by myself and Nancy Mitchell ’74, and over the years, Martha Lehnen ’75, has been a very active participant. We thought it would be fun to get together again after all these years, especially since Coach Wirth is still kicking. The first year happened to coincide with our 40-year reunion, and the event was such a hit, we decided to keep it going and see how many past coaches and athletes we could get involved. In previous years, we have had Coach’s Charlotte Wirth, Arlene Smith, Leslie Stockton, Marda McClenny, Martha Lehnen, Pat Bafus and Diane Briggs in attendance. Classes in attendance have been 1944 (Miss Wirth) up through the latter 80’s.


We also felt it was important to pay it forward, or give back…depending upon how you look at it☺ Hence the passing of the hat. Sports was so important to those of us who were on the leading edge of Title IX. A few of our attendees were behind that curve and never got to participate in high school. We were VERY lucky to have Miss Wirth on our side fighting for our rites! We want the young women currently in sports at Wa-Hi to understand what we went through, and know that we STILL have their backs! We don’t want any girl not to be able to participate due to her financial circumstances. And we hope when the time comes, they will do the same thing for the young ladies who follow them! I am sure we have helped over 50 young ladies, so that is a good start!"


If you are interested in taking part in the next reunion (set to coinside with the class of '78 reunion next year), please contact Connie at Connie@pacificpub.com


Wa-Hi Athletics is very grateful for the support of these women and hope this tradtion grows!




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